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Jason Miller back in jail, facing $1,000,000 bail after latest arrest

At this point, it's not so much the crime as the criminal. "Mayhem" may not have committed the grandest offense in the world to get arrested again, but he was already out on bail when he did it.

Looks like Jason "Mayhem" Miller won't make that Venator FC comeback bout after all. The former UFC fighter, TUF coach, Strikeforce and Dream star is back on the wrong side of the law after a reported arrest on Tuesday, March 15th. TMZ first carried the news that Miller had been taken into custody for allegedly vandalizing a tattoo parlor. You can see the official booking information from the Orange County Central Jail, below (h/t @SoozieCuzie):

Jason Miller OC Jail

You'll note the $1,000,000.00 number where a normal, less eye popping "Bail Amount" would normally be. Why so high? Because TMZ also reported that Miller was already out on bail most likely stemming from his DUI arrest back in February. You know, the one that ended up with Venator FC president Frank Merenda writing a press release stating that he finds it "absolutely disgusting the some press rage against a person who is working hard in the gym to get back to doing what he loves: Fighting in the cage."

Miller's first hearing over his latest arrest is set for Wednesday, March 16th. The only question now is, will Venator still look for a way to get him to Italy by May 21st?