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Video: Andre Ward on Nate Diaz's UFC 196 win: 'I knew he had more than a shot'

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Like Nate Diaz, undefeated boxer Andre Ward was not surprised with how UFC 196's main event fight ended.

Unlike Billy Joe Saunders and Tyson Fury, former lineal super middleweight champion Andre Ward had positive things to say about the outcome of UFC 196.

Ward has had the opportunity to spar with the Diaz brothers in the past. Nate in particular was one of his training partners when he was preparing for the Chad Dawson fight in 2012.

While he admitted to being concerned about Diaz taking the offer on short notice, Ward says he was not shocked with how everything transpired on fight night.

"I sparred with Nick and Nate. They both have hands, they both can fight," Ward told FightHype. "I’m a world-class fighter and they do more than hold their own. They’re tough as nails."

"Nate said it going into the fight. He was like ‘look man, he might get me, I might get him. But we’re gonna get it in.’ That’s a dangerous dude," he continued. "So I knew he had more than a shot."

McGregor’s post-fight behavior attracted a generous amount of both love and hate. While many lauded him for it, handfuls were still unwilling to give him a pass for his previous trash talk.

For his part, Ward says he gained more respect for "The Notorious", both for how the Irishman handled defeat, and for stepping up to fight two weight classes heavier.

"I think McGregor’s over the top with a lot of stuff he said, I understand what he’s doing," Ward said. "But I respect him for how he took his loss and stood up, didn’t make no excuses."

"You gotta give him credit, man, ‘cause he took a risk. He could’ve easily backed out when his opponent fell out. But he took the fight 25 pounds heavier than he normally fights. He took a chance, man. You can never knock a guy for taking a chance."