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Nova Uniao fighter to appeal USADA test result: I'm not crazy to do PEDs

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UFC lightweight Felipe Olivieri tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs in the pre-fight test for his bout against Tony Martin in January, and he plans to appeal the result.

Felipe Olivieri
Felipe Olivieri
Elsa/Getty Images

Nova Uniao lightweight, Felipe Olivieri, didn't have quite the UFC debut he expected when he got himself trapped in a rear-naked choke in the third round of his match against Tony Martin.

To make matters worse, Olivieiri also failed his pre-fight drug test for methyltestosterone, per his coach Andre Pederneiras. As he told Combate, however, he doesn't know how it could've happened, since he is sure he didn't take any prohibited substances whatsoever.

"I will appeal this because I didn't take anything. It's weird, they took too long to publish this result. I did the same test with the same company and it came back negative. I'm not questioning the credibility of their laboratory. I believe in me and so does my team."

"We know mistakes can happen. Maybe my sample got contaminated. I'm sure I didn't take anything. I'm not crazy to do that now that I'm in the world's biggest organization. This was my dream. I wouldn't do that."

Felipe Olivieri was submitted by Tony Martin at UFC on FOX 18, on January 30. Before that, he was on three-fight winning streak, with three KO wins on the Brazilian and the Japanese regional circuit. As it stands, Olivieri risks a two-year ban for his first PED offense.