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Renzo Gracie: MMA needs 10 Conor McGregors

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Renzo Gracie talks about Nate Diaz, and how the UFC and the sport in general needs Conor McGregor.

Nate Diaz is a Brazilian jiujitsu black belt under Cesar Gracie, and he credits several members of the Gracie family for his success. Renzo Gracie, who Nate mentions as one of his main inspirations in martial arts, is obviously a fan of the traditional approach the Diaz brothers have towards jiujitsu.

Renzo spoke about Nick and Nate being "good kids" with excellent jiujitsu, but the 6th degree black belt also gave McGregor props, saying the Irishman is is great for the sport.

"Conor is unbelievable. We need 10 Conor McGregors in this business," Renzo told Louder Noise. "The reality is he brought so much attention, he made the sport grow so much. He made people who never watched (MMA) join the scene. I definitely want Conor McGregor to be fighting for the next 20 years."

Watch the full MMA Noise segment above, where Renzo also spoke about his student Frankie Edgar, deserving the next shot at McGregor's belt.