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Video: Nate Diaz talks Bieber and Drake rooting for McGregor, retirement rumors

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Watch UFC star Nate Diaz joke about Justin Bieber, and retirement rumors.

Following his massive win over Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz was in a jovial mood as he spoke to Extra TV at Universal Studios Hollywood. He addressed the recent online beef with pop star Justin Bieber, who was rooting for McGregor and called his style "terrible".

"(Bieber), and I saw Drake too. They put their opinions out, but they must not be too hardcore fans of the sport, because they're riding the bandwagon," Diaz laughed. "They put their opinions out on how they were going for (McGregor)... This is America!"

"The real fighters, the real martial artists, the real fans of the sport, they knew who was gonna win that fight," he said.

When asked what he would do if Bieber was in front of him, Diaz said "smack!" as he motioned his arm in a slapping motion.

"It’s all good, Bieber’s all good," Diaz laughed. "It’s whatever."

Diaz also responded to retirement rumors, one actually started by UFC President Dana White, saying Nate earned so much money for UFC 196, we may not see him again anytime soon.

"No," Diaz said when asked if he heard about any retirement rumors. "But that sounds interesting. I might do that."

Nate, who has grown even more popular after his big win, seemed very comfortable doing interviews with this non-MMA media outlet. He also noted how White has yet to call him about UFC 200 or a possible next fight for him