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Holly Holm hasn't watched UFC 196 fight, wants a rematch with Miesha Tate

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Holly Holm hasn't taken the time to re-watch her title loss against Miesha Tate at UFC 196, but it sounds like she's already pretty sure a rematch would go differently.

Holly Holm knows which way the wind is blowing in the UFC right now, and it's blowing straight toward rematch city. There are currently 4 UFC champions booked to fight opponents they've already faced, and the only reason that Fabricio Werdum isn't facing Cain Velasquez again is due to injury. Hell, if McGregor gets booked to fight Aldo, RDA gets booked to fight Diaz, and Lawler gets booked to fight Condit, that will make seven of ten belts contested with fights fans have already seen. Why not make it eight?

Holly Holm went on JacksonWink Raw to give fans an update with what she's looking for next after losing to Miesha Tae at UFC 196 (transcript via MMAFighting):

"I'm doing fine. I'm healthy, I'm good. I could train tomorrow," Holm told JacksonWink Raw. "As far as my heart, I'm heartbroken. It's a sour ending to UFC 196 but I'm ready to get back.

"I want a rematch. Miesha's been around a long time. She's a tough champion so I'm sure she'll want to take the fight so let's do it."

Holm also admitted that she has yet to go back and watch the fight, but she's already feeling pretty sure that she won't get caught like she did the first time:

"I haven't watched it, but I've replayed [the fight] in my head 1000 times," said Holm. "Not just the last round but the second round, as well. It's obviously something I need to work on. There's a lot of things I wasn't doing right, things that I know better, already.

"I gave you a shot, give me a shot. I'm not going to let you choke me out again."

Currrently, the UFC has strongly suggested that Ronda Rousey will be the next fight for Tate, when Rousey returns from her current hiatus from the sport. Exactly when that will be is still up in the air.