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Watch Fabio Maldonado's weird KO win in pro boxing return

Fabio Maldonado defeated Robson Bambu by knockout in the first round, where the referee opted not to give his opponent a 10 count.

Ring rust did not even have a chance against Fabio Maldonado as he stepped in a boxing ring for the first time in almost six years. The former UFC light-heavyweight knocked out his opponent early in the first round to earn his 22rd KO win in boxing out of a total 23.

Robson Bambu, Fabio's adversary is a muay thai practitioner with a now 1-1 boxing record.  In a weird ending, Bambu was knocked down by Maldonado and the fight was waved off shortly after by the referee, who never appeared to start a count, simply declaring Fabio the winner by knockout.

It is not yet settled if Maldonado will continue to pursue a career in boxing, however, he does have another MMA fight scheduled for March 19 at XFC against Andrew Smith, in his home state of Sao Paulo. He will stay at 205 in MMA, as the weight class structure keeps him in line with heavyweight for boxing as well.