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Tweet of the Day: Anderson Silva asks 'Why do people expect me to kill my opponent?'

Anderson Silva questions why his fight against Michael Bisping was not stopped after he landed a clean flying knee in the end of the third round.

Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping
Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping
Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Silva is still not over his unanimous decision loss to Michael Bisping last Saturday. Although the former UFC middleweight champion is no longer accusing the commission of corruption (for the moment), he did take to Instagram to express his frustration with the outcome. Especially in the end of the third round, where he hit Bisping flush with a flying knee. It's a blow Silva believes should have ended the fight.

"This is a sport, isn't it ? So why do people expected me to kill my opponent?!" Silva asked.

It is unclear if Silva will try to appeal the result to the Athletic Commission as he has not expressed what his next move will be. The next step may be a fight at UFC 198 as Silva recently stated his desire to fight in his hometown of Curitiba, on May 14.