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Bas Rutten suggests McGregor has 'better hands' than Nate Diaz, will outstrike him

UFC legend Bas Rutten believes Conor Mcgregor's striking is 'crisper' than that of Nate Diaz.

Though the Diaz Brothers have always been regarded for their boxing-heavy approach to MMA competition, a UFC legend believes that will not be enough against Conor McGregor at UFC 196.

Former UFC champion Bas Rutten suggested that McGregor will have the advantage in the striking department against Nate Diaz.

"I think McGregor could do it because his hands are just better," Rutten told Submission Radio. "You know, Diaz has good boxing, but more crisp is the McGregor side."

According to Rutten, Diaz's advantage will be in the grappling aspects of the highly anticipated contest, as he is a BJJ blackbelt with a proven record of slick submissions during Octagon outings.

"I don't know what the people think, but I think the smartest idea for Diaz is to try to see if he can take it to the ground. I totally believe he's better there, his record shows it also. So he's a tough guy. I'm not saying that [Diaz doesn't have good striking], but in boxing-wise, I think McGregor just is a little crisper and he will beat him there."

While Rutten didn't go so far as to predict an outright winner for the UFC 196 main event, he would like to see both competitors tested to determine the victor.

"We don't know where McGregor's levels are on the ground. But what we do know, is that his striking is really good. So it's up to you, you want to fight against a really good striker, or you say, you know what, let's take him to an area that in the past he's lost to. He might be very good, but we don't know that, it's not checked out yet. Let's check that out. Let's see if we can get him on the ground. I know McGregor has great takedown defence, but you know, once in the middle of a brawl, you start bouncing and you start hitting, at that moment in the middle of a slug fest, Diaz decides hey shoot in, he might pull off a takedown. And if that happens, with like two, three minutes left in the round, then we can really see what Conor can do on the ground."