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Jon Jones: 'I'm about to win a world title' and 'they're talking about tickets"

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has put out a video in response to news of his traffic citations.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Monday's MMA news has been centered around the world of Jon Jones and his latest traffic infractions. The former UFC light heavyweight champion was revealed to have picked up multiple citations for driving without a license, no registration, and no proof of insurance. It won't result in a probation violation, but he was sentenced to three days community service ahead of his Wednesday court date in New Mexico. Jon is already performing community service as part of his 18 month probation sentence after he plead guilty to hit-and-run last year, which is why he's the "former" champion.

Jones is gearing up for his UFC 197 (April 23rd) title fight rematch vs. current champion Daniel Cormier, and he's not having any of this hubbub over some traffic tickets. Check out this Instagram video he uploaded earlier today:

If the video doesn't work for you here, then click this link. In case he's deleted this video, as he's known to do on occasion, here's the transcript of what he said in the short clip:

"Guys, I've gotten my sobriety back. [I'm] almost five months sober now, living happier and healthier, got rid of a lot of people that didn't need to be in my life, completed 65 appearances talking to the youth in the community, about to win a world title in a few weeks and they're talking about tickets."

Jones opened up about his past issues with substance abuse in a one-on-one interview with MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani shortly after his hit-and-run sentence and subsequent reinstatement by the UFC.