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Jon Jones given three days of community service for traffic stop issues

It looks like Jon Jones will not be handed a serious penalty for his recent driving issues while on probation.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Earlier today, it was reported that former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will have to attend court later this week to deal with some driving-related issues. This stems from being cited by a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy for driving without a license, registration and insurance late last month. Jones is on probation, but it was made clear earlier in the day that he wouldn't be charged with a probation violation for the incident.

Now, MMA Fighting is reporting what Jones' punishment will be - three days of community service.

According to the article, public affairs coordinator Ashley Espinoza of the New Mexico Corrections Department stated that Jones will receive the community service for "failing to report police contact and tickets." in regards to his probation. She also added that "traffic infractions are minor in nature".

Jones is currently on probation for 18 months after being conditionally discharged from felony hit-and-run charges in April.

So, there appears to be nothing to worry about in regards to Jones' bout with Daniel Cormier at UFC 197.