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Video: MMA fighter argues his way back into fight after KO loss

The MMA World is full of curious moments, but this one will make your day. An MMA fighter who was sure he didn't get KO'd, argued the referee into re-starting the fight.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

An MMA fight in Thailand was supposed to end with a convincing KO, but the local fighter just was adamant he hadn't lost. After a short, but intense debate, referee allowed the defeated fighter to come back to the action. The video was released by UFC fighter Cat Zingano who tagged fighter Caleb Lally (6-3), an MMA fighter from New Zealand, currently living and fighting in Thailand.

As Zingano followed up in the comments, Lally fought his opponent three times that evening. He scored consecutive wins, finishing the last one via submission.

The footage of the controversial moment was published in Cat Zingano's Instagram:

How about this TKO!? LMAO!!!!!! #onlyinthailand #myfriendCalebLally @caleblally

Just a reminder that while the MMA in the US may have lost a lot of its wild-west vibe, it can still be something of a crazy sport in less developed and less regulated markets.

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