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Video: CM Punk reacts to Mickey Gall's UFC win, reveals what was said on face off

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CM Punk stepped inside the Octagon following Mickey Gall's UFC victory. Here's what he told him.

Mickey Gall has been built up as the first opponent of CM Punk, and after winning his UFC debut against Mike Jackson in just 46 seconds, he basically stamped his ticket to the high profile fight. Following the victory, Gall once again called out the former WWE superstar, and Punk stepped inside the Octagon to face off with the 24-year-old welterweight.

The two had a brief conversation in the Octagon, and Punk has since revealed what was said on his media scrum shortly after the face off.

"That's the way he wanted to do it. I can't fault him," Punk said about Gall finishing the fight early and not revealing much of his skill set. "I said to him up there, 'that's the way you wanted to win', he said 'I plan on continuing that'. I said 'good for you. Good for you.'"

"It's going to be harder (not knowing much about my opponent), but I'm more of a mystery than he is, though."

Punk also discussed what he thought about the quick finish.

"No disrespect to Mike Jackson or anything like that, but he just didn't protect his neck. He was more worried about the hook," he said about the rear naked choke finish. "I've been there. I've been in positions where I was trying to punch guys, where I need to worry about the submission that is being locked on."

"It doesn't worry me. The whole thing just excites me. I'm pretty stoked right now."

Punk also revealed that he initially stepped in Roufusport to begin his MMA training at 220 lbs. He is currently walking at 190 lbs, and will likely have a welterweight bout against the now 2-0 Gall set up very soon. He says a part of him wants it to be in UFC 200 as it makes "business sense", while another part of him just wants to get his first fight over.

"I have a fight now. I have a face. I have a name. We don't have a date, but we are working on that. This is what I have been working for, for a very very long time. This is what I've wanted to do for an even longer time before that. I'm just excited, and I'm happy."