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Video: Men in police gear open fire in deadly shooting at Dublin boxing event

A deadly shooting has occurred during a boxing weigh-in in Dublin, Ireland.

A boxing weigh-in in Ireland has turned into a grizzly crime scene, as there was a shooting at the Regency Airport Hotel in Dublin, at around 2 pm local time. Numerous news reports indicate that during the MGM's "Clash of the Clans" event, three men dressed in 'police style uniforms' carried assault rifles and started firing multiple shots in the hotel.

One man has been confirmed dead, and at least two others have been injured and transported to nearby hospitals.

The Independent has more details from eye witness reports:

"The gunmen had 'GARDA ERU' in yellow letters on the back of bullet proof vests. Their faces were completely covered but they spoke with "strong Dublin accents"."

"After the shooting, the three were seen running from the hotel. The gunmen escaped the scene in a van which was found burnt out in the Charlemont Estate shortly after the incident."

The shooting was discussed as possibly gang related, but the identities of the victims are still unclear at this time.

BoxNation, which was supposed to broadcast the event, has announced that Saturday's show has been cancelled.

The card was supposed to be headlined by Jamie Kavanagh vs Joao Bento for the vacant WBO European Lightweight Title. Kavanagh is a pupil of Freddie Roach and a childhood friend of Conor McGregor, who he trained with growing up in Dublin.

Update: Added video of when the shooting started. HT: BE Reader PolishHammer