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Video: Winkeljohn's home burglarized: 'I wish I would've been there'

Thieves have stolen from top MMA coach, Mike Winkeljohn.

MMA Fighting

Mike Winkeljohn, trainer to numerous MMA stars including UFC champ Holly Holm, were among dozens of people in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who were burglarized recently. According to the Jacksonwink MMA coach, the thieves broke into his wife's car and into their shed at home, with his first kickboxing world title among the items that were stolen.

"She called me later in the day, saying that someone had gotten into our shed out in the back," Wink told local reporters from KOAT. "(My friends) actually put some time and effort into dressing it up, putting some leather work into it, so I really appreciated that belt."

"The community as a whole has lost a lot more than I have, so I’m glad to do this if it brings awareness to the community and help shut these guys down," Winkeljohn told KRQE.

"I’d be more than happy to be the guy that catches them," he said. "In some ways, I wish I would've been there."

Winkeljohn has surveillance photos of the two burglars, which police say were the same pair who have burglarized many others in the city as of late.

Watch the news reports below: