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Tweet of the Day: Benson Henderson in Bellator gloves

Time to start getting used to seeing former UFC champ Ben Henderson in Bellator gear.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Henderson tested the free agent market, and recently managed to get a lucrative deal with Bellator. Promotional material are starting to be churned out, and I have to say, I'm still not quite used to seeing the former UFC lightweight champ in a different brand of gloves.

Here's Henderson posing in his brand new Bellator gear:

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Benson won his last two UFC bouts at welterweight, and will be staying in that division when he makes his Bellator debut. This April, he will look to take Andrey Koreshkov's belt as he gets an immediate title shot at 170 lbs.

"Coming over from the UFC with what I've accomplished, yes, we knew we would have a title shot in whichever weight class we decided," Henderson said about the move to Bellator. "It's exciting for me. No more rematches, all new opponents to prove myself against."