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Jon Jones 'a big fan of McGregor', but is picking dos Anjos to win at UFC 196

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is backing Rafael dos Anjos to beat Conor McGregor at next month's UFC 196.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has a highly anticipated rematch vs. Daniel Cormier on the horizon, with an official announcement expected very soon. But before he and DC duke it out again, Conor McGregor will move up to 155 lbs and challenge Rafael dos Anjos for the Brazilian's UFC lightweight title on March 5th.

Jones was asked by a Brazilian actress, Rainah Andrews, about the RDA/McGregor matchup and who he's picking to get the win at UFC 196. The question and answer come at the 4:10 mark of the video, which you can watch at the top of the page.

"It's hard to say," Jones said. "I'm a big fan of McGregor, I'm becoming a huge fan of RDS. Based on RDS' performances, I think I'm going to go with him. I'm not rooting for either person, but If I had to put my money on someone, I'd put it on RDS ... RDA, I've been calling him RDS."

"[Donald Cerrone] is my teammate. I watched him prepare and I knew he was super prepared to become a world champion, and the way that fight went just showed me what level RDA is on. So if I had to put money on it I think I'll go RDA."

So there you have it, "Bones" likes Rafael do Sanjos (RDS) over Conor McGregor. And we'll find out whether or not he's correct in about 31 days.