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Andre Berto rooting for McGregor at UFC 196: 'I'm rockin' my man Conor for sure'

You know it's a big fight for the UFC when fight picks from outside the sport start rolling in, and at least one notable boxer is picking Conor McGregor to win.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 196 looks like it has all the makings of a big, big event for the promotion. A last minute replacement from lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos to Nate Diaz, and a move for the main event from lightweight to welterweight doesn't seem to have dampened any of the enthusiasm for Conor McGregor's return to the cage. And alongside the Irishman's return, the celebrity fight picks are starting to roll in.

Even some boxers are getting in on the act, as TMZ caught up with former world champion boxer Andre Berto to get his take on who would win when McGregor faces off against Diaz on March 5th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"It's gonna be a good one. You know, Conor's my boy, man. I think Conor finna take it. I think he's gonna take it, knock out.

"Listen, man, Conor's just on a whole 'nother level, like confidence-wise, right. Like I say, man, I think he's wonderful for the sport. And shit, he's the hottest thing going in the UFC right now."

Berto even gave his prediction on a time, saying he doesn't think it's likely to go much past the first round.

"Shit, at the most, what, at the end of the first? End of the first, second, I don't know. Like I say, old boy [Diaz] is tough, so we'll see what's going to happen. But, like I said, it's two week's notice. But it's going to be a good fight, man. Everybody [unintelligable], but I'm rockin' my man Conor, for sure."

So what do you think? Who's winning and when?

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