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Video: Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping, who really won?

Check out this short video to get the scoop on Silva vs Bisping, and tell us who you think REALLY won the fight!

At UFC Fight Night 84 in London, England, "The Count" Michael Bisping faced off against "The Spider" Anderson Silva in a five-round super fight inside the O2 Arena. Bisping had wanted this fight for years and was excited to finally get it, but even better to actually win it in his home country. Along the way, Silva put that win in jeopardy when he nearly ended the bout at the end of the third round, delivering a knee that buckled the Brit. Unfortunately for Silva, referee Herb Dean called the KO off since it came at the bell, thus saving Bisping to allow him to rally back and pick up the unanimous decision. However, some fighters and fans disagreed with the call, and that is where my video picks up.

What do you think - was the decision the correct outcome for this fight, or did the judges get it wrong?

Make sure to leave your comments here and let us know. This is a new type of video that I am experimenting with, and the basis of whether I continue to do these comes down to how popular they become. The MMA world needs some Buzzfeed style videos that are easy to watch and share info, so if you like this video, make sure to let me know by sharing it and spreading the word (and if you don't like it, you can let me know as well in the comments).

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