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Will Brooks on Michael Chandler: 'He drives me crazy'

Will Brooks doesn't understand why Michael Chandler continues to talk about him.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Bellator lightweight champion Will Brooks has beaten Michael Chandler in the cage twice, but it appears that he's still in Chandler's head. As a guest on The MMA Hour, Brooks spoke about Chandler's constant criticism of him, not understanding why the former champ feels the need to talk so much trash:

"That guy goes out of his way to put on this routine that, ‘I'm this God-fearing guy. I've never done this. I'd never do this. I'm just a professional all the way through. But then when you hear him talk on these interviews, he's always talking trash about me. He's talking trash about what's-his-face, Anthony Pettis, Eddie Alvarez.

"Dude, why are you talking trash about them? You're not even going to fight them. Why are you even going to worry about them? Why are you talking trash about me? Whenever you look at my Twitter, whenever you see any interviews, you don't see me talking about Michael Chandler."

What he's referencing is Chandler's appearance on The MMA Hour a couple of weeks ago where he went off on Brooks, calling him "the epitome of a bad employee" and said that Brooks hurts himself with how he attacks Bellator. Chandler also said he wanted to fight Josh Thomson over Brooks because that was a bigger fight. Brooks continued, not understanding why Chandler goes on and on about him and others:

"I don't go out of my way to talk about Chandler," Brooks said. "But for some odd reason he's constantly talking trash about me. He's constantly saying, ‘I'm not going to talk trash about such-and-such, I'm not going to be that guy,' but all he's been doing is talking trash about me, talking trash to Thomson, talking trash to guys who don't even fight in the organization. It's almost embarrassing."


"At least when the fans hear me talk, they'll hear me," Brooks said. "The real Will Brooks. They'll never hear me try to be anything other than who I am, or try to be this perfect person. But he's crazy, man. He drives me crazy."

Brooks doesn't have an opponent for his next title defense yet. Chandler meets Thomson at Bellator 154 in May.

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