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Rampage Jackson talks possible fights with Kimbo Slice, Darrill Schoonover

Quinton Jackson has returned to Bellator, and he's interested in fights with "people that pissed him off along the way".

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Quinton Jackson is back with Bellator, and looking for a fight. The former UFC light heavyweight champion has been embroiled in a legal battle with the organization for a long time now, but it was finally settled this week and he was able to sign a two-fight deal. So who is he looking at meeting in their cage? On The MMA Hour, Jackson acknowledged that a fight with Kimbo Slice might be in the cards:

"Well, to be honest, when I did The Ultimate fighter with Kimbo, he kind of mentioned something that he always wanted to fight me and stuff like that. And even though Kimbo’s a heavyweight, I’m a big light heavyweight. What I’m thinking is on The Ultimate Fighter, we seen Kimbo get in shape and do well. I don’t think he took Dada serious, and I don’t think he trained hard for him.

"I’m thinking that if I had to fight Kimbo I think he would most definitely train hard for me and he’d probably get in shape. Especially with that embarrassment out there. There’s a lot of people who are kind of embarrassed of that performance from what I’ve read."


"I’m a fighter — that’s what I do, is fight," he said. "It’s been a couple of opponents that I didn’t want to fight that I didn’t think would be a good match up that I fought. I’m interested in finishing my career and entertaining my fans. If the fans want to see Kimbo get slammed and knocked out then..."

There are a lot of other guys he could potentially fight, but the one he really wants is kind of off the board. It goes back to his coaching stint on TUF 10, and a rivalry Darrill Schoonover:

"Perfect world, I’m not going to lie — I’d really, really want to fight ‘Titties’ from The Ultimate Fighter, because I’ve been thinking about that," he said. "We almost got in a fight there and he really thought he could beat me.

"I wanted to beat him up on the show, but I didn’t know if I would go to jail or get kicked off the show."

Overall though, he's not really looking to avenge losses or anything. He just wants to beat up people that have gotten under his skin:

Listen, I know that I’m going to retire soon," he said. "I’m 38. I know that. There’s no way around it. I would love to beat up everybody that beat me and stuff like that, but there’s a lot of — I lost too many times, I guess. That would be a lot, because there’s a lot of guys that beat me. But I want to beat up some people that pissed me off along the way."