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Anderson Silva on Bisping loss: 'Sometimes things are just like in Brazil - Totally corrupted'

Here's what Anderson Silva actually said in his post-fight speech at UFC Fight Night 84 in London.

Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva
Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Silva was not just unhappy with the result from his fight against Michael Bisping in London. During his post-fight interview, Anderson Silva addressed the people of Brazil in his native Portuguese to give his take on the events. In his eyes, the victory was taken away from him on purpose.

"Brazil, here's the deal. If you can't win one way, they try to take it away from you another. That's it.  You saw how it went down, right? So I have nothing to say. I fought for you and that's it. Thank you for the support.  My family, I'm coming back home. I'm all right. That's it. Mission accomplished, but sometimes things are just like in Brazil -- Totally corrupted," said Silva.

Ed Soares, Silva's agent, tried to clean up the speech when translating it to English right after, but to no avail.

"He basically said, Brazil, what can you do, man? You saw the fight. I thought it went differently. Mission was given. I want to thank everybody that was here. My coaches and my team. The mission. The mission was given and I thought it was completed, but I guess not."

Michael Bisping defeated Anderson Silva by unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night 84, in London, England, on February 27.