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Video: Executive discusses UFC Fight Pass technical issues during UFC London

The senior vice president and general manager of UFC Fight Pass discussed the slight technical issues that the promotion faced during the UFC London main card.

Though the UFC London show signified the biggest Fight Pass event in the promotion's history, it did go through a slight hiccup during the main card broadcast.

During the start of the Tom Breese vs. Keita Nakamura fight, Fight Pass began to glitch and froze on the stats screen ahead of the actual fight. This lasted approximately five minutes before all customers were able to resume regular viewing.

According to the senior vice president and general manager of UFC Fight Pass, Eric Winter, the problem was specifically on PC and MAC and not on all other devices like Apple TV or Roku.

"The only technical issues we had was only for a couple of minutes and only affected a small amount of customers," Winters told "It was on the PC side and was rectified almost immediately. [There were] zero issues on your devices, whether it be Apple TV, Roku, Xbox 360 -- zero reports anywhere else."

Winters also discussed future plans for the streaming service, as well as the expanded fight library and improved Fight Pass featured bouts.