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Mousasi calls out 'cheater' Machida, accuses former UFC champ of greasing, using PEDs

After his UFC win, Gegard Mousasi went off on 'cheater' Lyoto Machida, accusing him of using PEDs and greasing.

Shortly after his one-sided win over Thales Leites at UFC London, the usually soft spoken Gegard Mousasi had decided to go off on a former opponent. When asked who he wanted next, he uncharacteristically showed a lot of emotion and didn't pull any punches.

"I would like to fight Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort... Machida, when he's not on steroids and he's not greased up," Mousasi replied. "No, because it's true. The guy was f*cking greased up, and he looked like a 15-year-old boy when I fought him. Obviously he was in Brazil. He was so f*cking slippery."

"People now are surely going to say that I'm a bad loser, but the guy didn't look normal for a f*cking 38-year-old, and greased up all the way!" he said. "He was greased up. Once he sweat, it was greasy. Even Luke Rockhold said that he was greased up when they fought."

"He's a cheater. What can I say? ...F*ck him!"

Mousasi lost a decision to the former UFC light heavyweight champion in Lyoto Machida back in 2014. As he mentioned, they fought in Jaraguá do Sul in Brazil.