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Michael Bisping on mouthpiece controversy: I blame Herb Dean for these stitches

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Michael Bisping thinks Herb Dean was at fault during the mouthpiece controversy on his UFC bout against Anderson Silva.

Michael Bisping won a close decision against one of the greatest fighters of all time in Anderson Silva, but it wasn't without controversy. During the final seconds of the 3rd round, his mouth piece fell out and he signaled the referee about it. The fight continued, and as Bisping was motioning to the referee a second time, Silva landed a flying knee that dropped him as the bell rang.

Silva thought he had won and chaos ensued in the cage, until Dean set it straight and got them to continue. Bisping still managed to take home the decision, but he isn't happy with the officiating.

"Well, my mouthpiece left my mouth. We weren't exchanging blows. Of course he was trying to stalk me down, I was using my footwork to back away," Bisping explained. "I was talking to Herb Dean, saying 'Herb, my mouthpiece!' I don't want to lose my teeth. Contrary to popular belief, the British all don't have bad teeth. Mine are okay."

"I don't know. I blame Herb Dean for all of this," Bisping said, pointing to his stitches. "I think."

Bisping has now won three in a row, and positions himself for that possible title shot that has always eluded him in his 10-year UFC career.