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UFC video recap: Bisping shocks the world with thrilling win over Silva

Check out Bloody Elbow's recap of the UFC Fight Night 84 main event between Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping on Saturday.

Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

It was strange, it was weird, and it was filled with controversy, but Saturday afternoon's main event between former UFC middleweight champion and one of the greatest fighters to ever step foot inside the Octagon, Anderson Silva, and longtime contender Michael Bisping, was a must-watch and will never be forgotten.

The return of The Spider was highly anticipated, and he stepped into enemy territory for a long-awaited five-round headliner against the Englishman. It did not go his way, however, as The Count was able to take home a surprising unanimous decision victory -- one of the biggest of his veteran career.

What was the high point of this fight?

The entire fight was a spectacle to watch, but I have two high points. One was the magnificent exchanges between Bisping and Silva (and both fighters were rocked throughout the 25 minute contest), and the second was the controversial end of the third round. With only a few seconds left in the round, Silva had Bisping badly hurt. Bisping strangely looked at the referee asking for his mouthpiece, which had fallen out of his mouth but Silva capitalized and knocked him out with a spectacular flying knee only moments after the bell sounded. Because it was after the bell the fight continued, but lots of confusion surrounded the controversial moment.

Where do these two go from here?

Bisping is the closest he's ever been to a title shot, but I'm still not positive he will receive one. Former champ Chris Weidman is expected to get an automatic rematch against current titleholder Luke Rockhold later this year, so if that comes to fruition Bisping will have to sit out for quite awhile if he wants to fight the winner. Plus, he has already lost to Rockhold relatively recently, so I think he may need one more big win to solidify a title shot.

Silva should probably (finally) step away from the sport of mixed martial arts. He has had a legendary career, which includes a memorable title run for seven years. But he hasn't officially won a fight since 2012 with his 2015 outing with Nick Diaz overturned to a no-contest, and clearly isn't the same fighter he was even five years ago. If he doesn't retire, there are some options for him regarding a next fight, but he likely takes some time off, no matter what.

Watch now, later, or never?

Watch Bisping vs. Silva now. It was a fantastic fight, from start to finish. As I said, it was strange and filled with controversy, but is also a must-watch.