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Highlights: Michael Bisping beats Anderson Silva in Dramatic UFC London main event

Check out the highlights from the UFC London main event between Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva.

The UFC's return to London ended in dramatic fashion, as Michael Bisping faced former UFC champion Anderson Silva in the main event of the evening. The O2 arena erupted as Bisping fought through eye pokes, cuts and a bloody nose to defeat one of the greatest fighters of all time by unanimous decision.

Check out the play-by-play for the fifth round below:

Bisping's face is an indiscernible mess to start the last stanza. Silva has a high kick blocked, then he goes back to it after a brief exchange and it knocks Bisping back even though he managed to block it. Herb Dean calls time to have the doc check Bisping, whose nose is pouring a stream of blood. We restart quickly and they touch gloves in the center.

Silva, still in a traditional stance with minimal clowning, snaps off a devastating front kick to the face, and it wobbles Bisping back a few steps. Silva stays focused and aggressive, pelting Bisping with controlled combinations. Bisping lands a hard inside low kick as Silva's bloodthirsty fervor is replaced by complacent backpedaling. Bisping corners Silva and pursues a takedown but Silva denies it and separates. Silva casually strolls toward the fence and drops his hands, dodging a Bisping flurry. No dice on the spinning back elbow from Silva as the clock ticks away.