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Video: Muay Thai legend Saenchai: Conor McGregor's kicking is pretty weak

Muay Thai legend Saenchai spoke in depth and critiqued Conor McGregor's kickboxing skills.

Saenchai, who is considered as one of the greatest Muay Thai champions of this era, spoke in depth about UFC star Conor McGregor. While he was complimentary of his boxing and athleticism, he did critique the Irishman's kicking technique.

"He's pretty quick and agile. He's got pretty good hands. His punches are hard and accurate," Saenchai said in his native language (HT: MMA Mania). "His kicks are not that great. His kicks are just quick and his hands are the real weapon."

"The timing of his punches are good. His counter punching is really good, he can really do damage with his counter punching," he said. "Yeah, his kicking is pretty weak."

The 4-division Lumpinee Stadium champion went on to say that he believes Dos Anjos seems to be the more complete striker, saying that "the only thing McGregor is better at is his punching speed and accuracy."

McGregor has been critical of most MMA fighters, saying their traditional striking and their movement are all basic, flat-footed and stiff. The UFC champ has moved away from that mold, incorporating more unorthodox karate-style kicks in his repertoire on the past couple of years, but Saenchai doesn't seem to be too impressed.

"If he were to fight a real Muay Thai fighter, who has both speed and power, then he would have no chance of winning," Saenchai said. "He can't beat 'Thai' Muay Thai."

"The people who he's fought may have trained Muay Thai, but have never really fought on a professional Muay Thai circuit," he argued. "His opponents may have trained Muay Thai in preparation for their fights with him, but they're not considered authentic Muay Thai fighters, like myself."

When asked how he'd stack up against McGregor standing up, he unsurprisingly bets on himself on that hypothetical encounter.

"Well, bring it on. I would win," he said with a laugh. "I would definitely win. If he were to stand and trade with me I wouldn't have to do much. I would just teep and kick. I would just have to block or evade his punches. I would not worry about his kicking at all. My kicking is way better. If he and I were to fight, McGregor couldn't beat me. 100%."

Obviously that bout isn't likely to ever happen, and although Saenchai himself is still active, he is already at the tail end of his career. Saenchai may 'just' be 35, but he is far older in Thai standards, having the extensive mileage of competing in over 350 professional bouts.

Saenchai, who has held titles in six weight divisions, revealed that he is likely heading to train with Georges St-Pierre and Firas Zahabi at Tristar Gym next.

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