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Video: Bisping goes off on Silva at weigh-ins - 'This man is a fraud'

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Michael Bisping has never been afraid of a little trash talk, and definitely sent some Anderson Silva's way at the UFC Fight Night weigh-ins today.

The heat between Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva was ramped up today at the weigh-ins for their UFC Fight Night headliner in London. After having an odd confrontation during their faceoff, Bisping got on the mic and really put it on Anderson:

"This man is a cheat. This man is a fraud. And I will make you pay for your mistakes tomorrow night my friend. All the needles in your ass, all the steroids will not help you, you p*ssy."

He is of course referring to Silva's suspension for positive drug tests following a bout with Nick Diaz early last year.

At the media day yesterday, Silva wouldn't shake Bisping's hand, which seemed to get a rise out of the British fighter. Today after they both successfully made weight, Bisping again offered his hand. Anderson seemed distracted and didn't take it. He then seemed to realize what was happening and offered his hand, but Bisping pulled his away and started jawing at him.

You can check out the video of the confrontation above.