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George Lockhart weighs in on the likely culprit of Dada 5000's health crisis

Leading weight cutting specialist, George Lockhart weighs in on the most likely contributing factor to the serious health complications Dada 5000 suffered after his fight with Kimbo Slice.

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With the recent weight cutting issues of Dhafir Harris, AKA Dada 5000, causing a real life and death scenario for him, the Three Amigos Podcast decided to make this week's installment of the Weight List with George Lockhart and our own Iain Kidd, all about factors that could have contributed to Harris' serious health complications following his bout with fellow Bellator heavyweight, Kimbo Slice. One of the chief culprits was likely the improper management of electrolyte balance. Here's a couple quick quotes from George and Iain about cutting salt and overloading potassium.

Lockhart: These guys will cut out sodium weeks out, but your body needs sodium, especially if you're working out. Water and sodium create an electrical charge that cause muscle contractions in the body. I don't think people are educated about when to cut out salt. You don't want to do that until three days prior to the cut, but these guys are cutting sodium weeks out,

Kidd: People don't realize how important electrolytes are for your body. People don't realize that calcium and potassium literally control your heartbeat. If your potassium or calcium is off you can die. If you have hyperkalemia - too much potassium - it can cause a cardiac arrythmia which can lead to a heart attack and you can die. If you have the wrong amount of calcium your heartbeat can become erratic and you can die. When you cut weight you are messing with really important processes. People need to be very, very goddamn careful when they're cutting weight.

Lockhart: When you're not drinking enough water your kidneys and liver don't have what they need to function properly and that's where you'll run into a lot of issues.

You can check out the entire installment here (Weight List segment starts at the 45:40 mark of the audio and is about 14 minutes long), or via the embedded player below. Remember, if you're looking for us on SoundCloud or iTunes, we're under the MMA Nation name. Follow our Twitter accounts: Stephie HaynesThree Amigos PodcastIain Kidd and Mookie Alexander or our Facebook fan page, Three Amigos Podcast.

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