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Bisping on Silva's non-handshake: It's 'a sign of weakness'

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Michael Bisping offered Anderson Silva a handshake in London but was refused - the Brit says it was a sign of weakness.

Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva have playfully taunted each other ahead of their middleweight scrap at UFC Fight Night 84 this weekend in London.

"The Count" mocked Silva's failed drug test at a media scrum earlier this month and the former Middleweight champion seemed to take it in his stride. The tempo changed, however, at a recent staredown in front of the Tower Bridge in London, England. "The Spider" wasn't impressed with Bisping's antics and walked off in a hurry.

Bisping caught up with Ariel Helwani shortly after the confrontation and claimed that Silva's refusal to shake hands was a sign of weakness.

"He wouldn't shake my hand; I see that, once again, as a sign of weakness," Bisping said. "I see this fight, that he's so emotional. He was trying to intimidate me. Listen, you're not going to intimidate me, you know? We're all far too long in the tooth. I've done this for far too long to be intimidated at staredowns, so lighten up Anderson."

Anderson Silva last fought at UFC 183 where he picked up a unanimous decision over Nick Diaz. The win was to be overturned to a No Contest, however, when it was revealed that Silva had tested positive for steroids.

Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping will headline UFC Fight Night 84 at the O2 Arena in London, England on February 27th.