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Arizona commission determines Roy Jones cannot fight a random fan

A possible wrench may have been thrown in the plans to find the former champion an opponent.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After it was announced that an odd but interesting Pay-Per-View event would take place next month under the UR Fight banner, fans were probably wondering who former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr would face as part of their online contest to determine his next bout. Now it appears the Arizona Athletic Commission aims to narrow the field considerably in that search.

The Ring 's Norm Frauenheim reported that Roy Jones Jr cannot face an amateur or novice making his overall debut, but must face a boxer with a professional record.

The new promotion has kept pretty much everything else under wraps so far, with no major updates as of yet for an event that is less than a month away. There still isn't any word on what weight class Jones and his opponent would fight in, either. The news comes at an interesting time, given that the deadline for online submissions for fighting the boxing legend on February 24th.

The event is scheduled for March 20th from the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. Other bouts on the card include Michael Bisping vs Chael Sonnen in a grappling-only match, as well as Ken Shamrock against Dan Severn in an MMA bout. Former Olympian Kurt Angle will also compete at the event in a pro-wrestling match against Rey Mysterio, Jr, and Arizona native Shannon Ritch will also be on the card.