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Video: Muay Thai fight breakdowns - Downward elbow KO

Watch how Muangthai scored such a brutal knockout with this breakdown video from Evolve MMA.

We're all insatiable in terms of combat sport aren't we? While many of us will look over the finer points of bone crunching, nothing satisfies the soul more than to see a combatant laid flat out on the canvas.

So why not combine the two? Evolve MMA--the leading MMA gym in Asia and home to the UFC's reigning lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos--in co-operation with Muay Ties have decided to do just that.

While they have been producing fight breakdowns for some time now, this video is the first in a more thorough technical breakdown. The knockout in question happened in a bout between Muangthai Pk.Saenchaimuaythaigym and Thaksinlek Kiatniwat on the 23rd December 2015. Two of the very best fighters in the sport, Muangthai is known as an elbow specialist and one of the most devastating knockout artists in the sport today. Thaksinlek is great with his kicks, and together they have beaten a who's who of the sport. If you like this knockout and want to see how the bout unfolded up to this point, you can watch the full fight here.

Who better to talk us through such a savage knockout than four-time Lumpinee champion Sagetdao Petpayathai? Now retired and honing the skills of MMA fighters at Evolve MMA, in his prime Sagetdao was known as a master clinch fighter, and helps to break down the technique here.

Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow, as we will be bringing you more Muay Thai content in partnership with Muay Ties.

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