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Ben Rothwell: 'I have to remind everyone who Junior dos Santos is'

In an interview with Submission Radio, Ben Rothwell discussed the challenges behind reminding everyone that JDS is still dangerous, why he's the undisputed number 1 contender after he wins in Croatia and how fans can voice their opinions to Reebok if they want to see him wear his signature hood to the octagon.

Ben Rothwell spoked to Submission Radio about his upcoming bout with Junior dos Santos.

"When I (called out dos Santos), I think he was undisputed, he was the number one contender at the time. So now the position changes. It's always, what? It's about me becoming number one contender. So that was what the message was then, and then Overeem got the win on him and put him where he's at right now. So I have to remind everybody who Junior Dos Santos is and what he's done and why he's still always a threat to anyone and everyone, and build that up. But I still believe that with a five-fight win streak, I'm getting what I wanted. I'm gonna be the undisputed number-one contender.

"I just stayed positive and I made a far greater statement beating Josh Barnett in the way I did on Fox television, than I would've fighting Stipe. So it did work to my advantage. And now this fight - I just follow the path. I'm healthy, I'm ready, I'm good and it is a fight that I called out. So I'm just getting to prove I'm a man of my word. I said I called out Junior Dos Santos - and when all these other heavyweights did not want to fight him and they backed out, here I am. I'm the one that just paid my dues, I'll do it again. So, the statement continues."

Rothwell also talked about Reebok, Mirko Cro Cop and more. He'll face dos Santos at UFC Fight Night: Zagreb on April 10 in Croatia.

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