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VIDEO: 68-year-old woman gets knocked out by opponent in her MMA debut

For those of you who haven't seen the fight between 68-year-old Ann Perez de Tejada and not-68-year-old Laura Dettman from Saturday's Sparta Combat League in Denver, here's your chance to view it.

UPDATE: The article initially noted that Dettman was 24 years old. That information was incorrect, and has since been omitted from the piece.

On Monday we told you about the 68-year-old Colorado woman who made her amateur MMA debut on the undercard of Saturday's Sparta Combat League in Denver. Ann Perez de Tejada trains at Grudge Training Center, fought in Muay Thai exhibitions over the past couple of years, and a blue belt in BJJ at a place called Karate America. Over the weekend, she took on strawweight Laura Dettman (2-2) at SCL 48, and ultimately lost by 1st round TKO. Here's the play-by-play of it:

Ann almost gets the takedown. But Laura reverses it and lands GNP from side control. Goes north and south position then to side control and then to full mount. In full mount Laura lands some bombs until the ref stops the fight. Winner via TKO 1:24 in Round 1, Laura Dettman. Ann is 68 years old, by the way. Impressive.

Initially, there wasn't any video footage of it surfacing around the web aside from actually buying the card on and reviewing the entire event.

Well guess what? Sparta Combat League has released the full video on Youtube! It's available to watch at the top of the page, with the fight starting at about 1:20 and ending at around 2:50. Test the limits of your uneasiness by seeing Dettman mount Perez and unleash a series of brutal strikes while the referee stops the fight fairly late. Dettman did not hold back on an opponent who is eligible for Social Security.

By the way, Sparta Combat League is co-promoting the next World Series of Fighting card on March 12th (headlined by Justin Gaethje and Brian Foster).

(H/T Middle Easy for the video find)

UPDATE: Jeff Cisneros, Sparta Combat League's promoter, released this statement on Sunday defending the decision to book this fight.

Wanted to take a brief moment to talk about the Ann Perez fight yesterday. For the weeks leading up to it, I won't lie, I took some heat for allowing this fight to take place, and why? Because people sometimes are insecure in the fact that they never followed their own dreams, so they want to derail someone else from following theirs. When I got the phone call from Luke, her coach, and he told me the story and how she just needed this chance for herself, I with no hesitation said yes for several reasons. First off, Luke's word is gold with me, and second, when I get the chance to help facilitate someone's dream I will do it if I can. Sometimes one just needs that one opportunity. I know for myself, several people along my journey gave me the opportunity that no one else would, and without those opportunity's I would not be where I am today. I absolutely understand that we at SCL have a responsibility to provide our clients and sponsors with a quality show, and I believe we do.

For years I've heard, why is that person on the card he loses everytime, but what they don't understand is for that person, whether it be 30 seconds or 15 minutes, they are free, and for a brief moment in their life they are doing something that not many would ever have the courage to do, to fulfill a life-long dream. For some it's a way to rid their demons, and others it's the way of life, they are born for it. With that being said, who am I to say no you don't deserve at least one moment to fulfill a dream? I'm nobody, just guy who came from nothing who had nothing but a dream. Those dreams saved my life. I failed more times than I could count, but in those failures they brought something so much more valuable, they brought life lessons. In closing, I want to say I'm very proud of Ann and my decision to let her do it, and her Coaches, Luke and Nick, as well for supporting her journey and dream. I can never say it enough, SCL is different than any other promotion on this planet and always will be. We are a community, a family fighting for a cause and building dreams, and I will say it when my time is up, people will remember me as the guy who truly believed he could change the world and did everything in his power to do so! Thank you all, Love you all for the support!