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Ferguson on McGregor: ‘I’ll give him his red panty night if he really wants it’

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Prior to the UFC 196 debacle, UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson revealed that he is more than willing to challenge Conor McGregor.

On Tuesday morning, it was revealed that Rafael dos Anjos had withdrawn from his highly anticipated title fight against Conor McGregor with a foot injury, which left very few replacements just 11 days out from the Las Vegas show.

One of the options is Tony Ferguson, who revealed that he is open to facing McGregor before the UFC 196 debacle occurred.

"You know, I would love to add Khabib's picture to the list of Josh Thomson and Edson Barboza - bless their hearts," Ferguson told Submission Radio. "But you know. Even when my moves touch on that little bitch, Conor McGregor. I'll give him his red panty night if he really fucking wants it."

According to Ferguson, he always expected McGregor to move to lightweight but does not believe the Irishman wants any part of him before a title shot.

"If this bitch wants to try to go to 170 before fighting me, that's fine, I'll beat him up there. But either way, you can't run from me. It doesn't matter because we all know what kind of character you are if you don't pick the fight. The King talking all this shit, all this and avoiding me. It's not my words that nobody's talking about, but nobody wants to fight. And I love that, because I put fear in guys and McGregor does not want to fight. He's seen me, I've looked into his eyes, I've shook his hand, he's felt my grip. That dude wants no part."

Currently on a seven-fight win streak, Ferguson added that McGregor's movement won't save him from the takedowns he'd inflict on the Irishman.

"This dude claims to be a master of movement but he's a turtle on his back. Chad Mendes, if he had any kind of conditioning or patience, he would have passed the guard and pulled it off. I see McGregor, he can't learn wrestling overnight. I see his movement, he looks predictable."