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TJ Dillashaw blasts 'dinosaur' Urijah Faber, says he doesn't deserve UFC title shot

Seems like things have gone completely sour between these two UFC stars and former teammates.

While it has looking like Urijah Faber will get another crack at Dominick Cruz's belt, his former teammate in T.J. Dillashaw has decided to air his thoughts on the matter. According to the former UFC champ, not only does Faber not deserve a title shot, he is 'old' and hasn't looked great recently.

"No, he doesn’t deserve it," Dillashaw told Submission Radio. "You know, I mean he’s got a name behind him, but I mean his last performances -- he’s nowhere near [the point where] he should deserve a title fight."

"I mean, just going off because they had old beef and Urijah’s got a name? Like, that doesn’t make sense," he said. "I’m the number one contender, I felt I won the fight, a lot of people do feel I won the fight, it was razor close and I think I’m the only UFC champion to lose his belt to a split decision."

"I don’t feel like Urijah’s done enough to get that fight. I mean, obviously he’s going to talk enough and talk his way and try and get into that fight, but I don’t think he deserves it off his performances and they way’s he’s looked. And the guy’s a dinosaur, man. He hasn’t been looking very good. I feel like he’s been going downhill."

Dillashaw didn't end there, as he elaborated more on how he views his former mentor's skills.

"I feel like he’s slowing down," he said. "He’s not dominating guys. I mean, he had a tough fight against Francisco Rivera until he poked him in the eye. He didn’t look very good against Bruce Leeroy until he choked him. He just beat the number 13th seed in a very close fight and almost gassed out in the process."

"I just don’t think he’s looked as dominant as he has in the past. You know, I feel like he was a better fighter four years ago. And it’s 37 years old. I mean, that’s old, man. I mean, I don’t want to be fighting when I’m 37 years old.

Listen to the entire interview above where he also addresses Cody Garbrandt recently saying he's uncomfortable that his other Team Alpha Male members trained with "the enemy" in Dillashaw and Ludwig.

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