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Video: Man tries to rob pharmacy, gets KO'd by boxing champ next to him

Watch what happens when a man tries to rob a pharmacy while next to a customer who happens to be a boxing champ.

Earlier in the month, a man tried to rob a Florida Walgreens. Unfortunately for him, the customer on the next counter was David West, who is reportedly a two-time state boxing champion.

"He jumped up onto the counter, demanding all of their Oxycodone 30 milligram," the police officer said about the incident. "Normally, I would say don’t get involved, especially when there is a weapon they can see, but apparently the citizen didn’t see or feel he had a weapon."

Shortly after demanding for the meds, West foiled the robbery and knocked him out. According to news reports, West then held him down until the police arrived.

"I really wasn’t trying to hurt anybody," West told ABC13 TV. "I was just trying to do what was right. I was protecting the one I love. I told him I hope he uses this as a turning point in his life."

The robber was brought to the hospital, then charged for attempted robbery. Watch the security footage on the clip above.

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