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Dave Bautista skewers Manny Pacquiao for anti-gay remarks

Dave Bautista, the actor and pro wrestler that flirted with an MMA career, did not take kindly to boxer Manny Pacquiao's recent anti-gay comments.

You might know the name Dave Bautista from his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, or as the villain in the last Bond movie. Perhaps you might know him from his long pro wrestling career. If you're a hardcore MMA fan, you might even remember his flirtation with Strikeforce and an MMA career a few years ago. But whether you know him or not, he has probably come out with the strongest condemnation of Manny Pacquiao yet.

Pacquiao, the only eight-division champion in boxing history, recently made some very controversial remarks about same-sex marriage, saying the idea of it "makes us worse than animals." When asked about it by the media recently, Bautista didn't pull any punchess in his condemnation of Pac's statement:

"My opinion on that is he’s a f**ing idiot. My mom happens to be a lesbian so I don’t f**king take that s**t. I don’t think it’s funny.

"If anyone called my mother an animal I’d stick my foot in his ass."

He's not the only one to shoot down Manny's statements. Basketball great Magic Johnson also condemned Pacquiao's comments in a tweet, stating that he was okay with Nike killing Pac's sponsorship deal in response to his remarks:

Pacquiao has apologized for his comments, but it might be a little too late for that at his point. You can check out Bautista's full comments in the video above.