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UFN 83: Donald Cerrone vs. Alex Oliveira video highlights

Check out Donald Cerrone's beautiful submission finish of Alex Oliveira in the main event of UFC Fight Night 83.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Cerrone's 170-pound debut in the UFC couldn't have gone better. He ended up with a late-notice opponent change and took on the tough Alex Oliveira, and picked up a triangle choke submission win in the first round of their UFC Fight Night 83 headliner. Here's video of the finish:

Here's Dallas Winston's play-by-play of the main event:

R1: It's a quick right upstairs and a knee from the clinch to start things off for the smiling Oliveira, who puts Cerrone on the cage. They exchange knees to the body before Cerrone circles off and separates. Oliveira with a front-leg side kick to the gut in open space. Cerrone tries to duck under a right and hit an outside trip but Oliveira's balance is too strong. Oliveira flings a one-two and lands the cross hard to the chin. Oliveira keeps coming forward and Cerrone ducks under for a reactive takedown.

Cerrone goes cross-body in Oliveira's open half guard, then pulls his leg through for full mount. Cerrone keeps advancing, looking for a mounted triangle, and Oliveira rolls into it just as Cerrone locks it on. Oliveira taps immediately.

Donald Cerrone defeats Alex Oliveira by submission (triangle choke) R1

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