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UFN 83: Cody Garbrandt vs. Augusto Mendes video highlights

Check out Cody Garbrandt's vicious finish of Augusto Mendes at UFC Fight Night 83.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't against John Lineker, but Cody Garbrandt got the job done tonight at UFC Fight Night 83 nonetheless. The Team Alpha Male fighter had been scheduled to fight Lineker on the main card, but an illness forced him out and set Garbrandt up against BJJ world champ Augusto Mendes. The night did not end well for Tanquinho, who was knocked out in the first round.

Here's video of the finish:

Here's Dallas Winston's play-by-play of the short fight:

R1: Garbrandt glances with an outside low kick and lands a body kick. Mendes fires back with a low kick but Garbrandt plugs him with a left hook. Garbrandt glances with a heavy right counter. Mendes lands a hard outside low kick. Mendes shoots and tries to pull guard but Garbrandt is wise to it and backs out of range. They reset on the feet with Garbrandt chucking rights and lefts from a crouched stance.

Mendes lands another outside low kick and barely dodges Garbrandt's counter flurry. Garbrandt switches stances, twice, switching from chasing Mendes to looking for counters. Garbrandt rushes him with punches and Mendes lands a short counter uppercut before circling off the fence. Garbrandt blitzes him again but this time finds the mark on with a right hand clean on the button, and Mendes sails back onto the canvas.

Cody Garbrandt defeats Augusto Mendes by TKO (punch) R1 4:18

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