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UFC Pittsburgh: The controversial, incorrectly calculated Evans-Smith vs. Reneau scorecards

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At UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs. Oliveira in Pittsburgh, we learned that 10+9+9 = 27, at least when scoring Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Marion Reneau.

David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

Ashlee Evans-Smith pulled off the upset win over Marion Reneau at UFC Fight Night 83 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While consensus belief was that Reneau deserved the victory, a case could've been made to give Evans-Smith a 29-28 win. At a minimum, you'd think that Reneau won round 1 based on badly hurting Evans-Smith with a big right hand and then nearly getting a guillotine choke as the horn sounded.


This is complete, wall-to-wall failure you're about to witness. MMA Fighting obtained the scorecards for this fight, which included a 30-27 for Evans-Smith.

That's right, judges Phil Rogers and Andrew Adkins both had Evans-Smith WINNING the first round. And Rogers scored the fight for Reneau! Even worse? John Lapcevic did have it 29-28 for Evans-Smith (with Reneau taking round 1), but it was read out as 29-27 by Bruce Buffer. Before the scorecards were revealed, it was assumed that there was somehow a 10-8 in Ashlee's favor. Nope! It's actually an arithmetic atrocity. Evidently, 10+9+9=27 in the minds of Pennsylvania Athletic Commission officials. Unbelievable.

It's only February, but this is going to be hard to top as far as worst set of scorecards turned in for a UFC fight in 2016.