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Feijao to dial down aggressiveness, believes it was 'getting in the way'

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Rafael Cavalcante is confident he can defeat Ovince Saint Preux next Saturday. He says he will tone down his aggressiveness in order to control the fight better.

Rafael Cavalcante
Rafael Cavalcante
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Rafael Cavalcante is eager to show a new and improved version of himself when he steps in the Octagon next Saturday to fight Ovince Saint Preux. As he told the UFC on YouTube, Feijao will take a less reckless approach and tone down his aggressiveness, which he believes is the reason why he lost his last contest against Patrick Cummins.

"This wait for my fight against Ovince St-Preux has only made me mentally stronger. It left me more experienced. I'm studying my opponent very hard. I'm a studious athlete. In my loss to Pat Cummins, I learned that I was too aggressive, which made me expose myself too much. It was a violent, gritty fight, but aggressiveness is not everything. I need to control myself and the fight better and that's what I'm after. Also, I need to work on my wrestling some more, too. I was always good at it, but my aggressiveness was getting in the way."

Aware of Saint Preux's skills, Cavalcante claims he has the potential to beat him anywhere the fight goes and wants to make a statement when the Octagon door closes.

"Saint Preux is a really tough guy. He has a good reach and fights southpaw. Thank God I always trained with southpaws, so that won't bother me. I believe in my potential standing up. I'm trained. My coaches believe in me. When you want something, that makes a difference. Because when you really want it, you can do whatever you want and I want to win this fight, no matter how. "

Feijao fights OSP on the main card of UFC Fight Night 82, which goes down on February 6 in Las Vegas. The card will be headlined by Johny Hendricks and Stephen Thompson after both Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez had to pull out of their title fight due to injuries.