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Pacquiao deletes post about gays being 'put to death', repeats bible verse on interview

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Failed damage control? Manny Pacquiao deleted a post with a bible verse on homosexuals being 'put to death', but there's a separate interview with him repeating the same thing.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Boxer and Philippine congressman, Manny Pacquiao is in a middle of a massive scandal following statements saying that allowing same-sex marriage 'makes us worse than animals'.

Although he has already issued an apology for the ignorant comparison, Pacquiao was still defending his stance on same-sex relations by quoting bible verses on social media. One of these posts have since been deleted, with the Senatorial candidate quoting Leviticus 20:13 saying that homosexuals are 'to be put to death'.

Nothing really stays erased online, and unfortunately for the Filipino politician, even multiple mainstream media outlets in the Philippines have highlighted the deleted Instagram post.

The verses Pacquiao quoted states the following: "If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

The boxer was in the same exact controversy in 2012, shortly after he became a bible preacher. An appearance in Los Angeles was cancelled because of it, but Pacquiao has vehemently denied quoting the very same Leviticus verse.

"I didn’t say that, that’s a lie," Pacquiao said back in 2012. "I don’t know that quote from Leviticus because I haven’t read the Book of Leviticus yet."

Once Pacquiao quoted the same exact verse in 2016, it seems like his camp tried to do some damage control. Unfortunately for them, not only did the erased instagram post still get highlighted on numerous outlets, Pacquiao repeated the same line on an interview that they obviously can't delete.

Speaking to DZMM after his initial apology, Pacquiao tried to explain that he wasn't "condemning" being homosexual, just the act of having sexual relations and getting married.

"Yes, it is detestable in God's eyes," Pacquiao said in Filipino. "If we just read the bible. I'll give you a few verses. If we believe God, if we believe the bible -- Leviticus 20:13, Leviticus 18:22, and 1st Corinthians 6:9."

"I don't believe that all LGBT are going to hell, what I'm saying is it's 'the act' (of having sexual relations with the same sex)," Pacquiao said when asked to elaborate. "They can be together without doing anything, without doing the disgusting act in front of God."

"Who am I to judge? I am also a sinner like all the ordinary people, but I'm telling the truth," he said. "We should follow what is written on the bible if we really believe God."

The Senatorial candidate also went on to say that he would support the death penalty, as it is "biblical".