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Carlos Condit: UFC welterweight title rematch or bust

Carlos Condit's controversial loss to Robbie Lawler has him back in the same position he was in before that bout - another title shot might be the only thing that draws him into the octagon again.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Before his UFC 195 welterweight title shot against Robbie Lawler, former WEC and UFC interim champ Carlos Condit surprised a lot of people by talking about retirement. He might only be 31, but he has a lot of bouts and a lot of wars under his belt.

And after a razor-thin split decision loss to Lawler in one of the best bouts the UFC has ever seen, his future seemed more uncertain than ever.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that according to a report on UFC Tonight, Condit is angling for a rematch with Lawler. And if that doesn't happen for whatever reason, he may never return to the octagon. He recently met with the UFC in Las Vegas to express that, according to the report.

Obviously the UFC hasn't decided who is next for Lawler. It could be anyone from Condit to Stephen Thompson to Georges St-Pierre to Conor McGregor. But if Condit doesn't get his rematch, we may have witnessed his last dance in the Octagon. That makes me sad.

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