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Three Amigos: James Krause, Linton Vassell, George Lockhart

The Three Amigos Podcast is back with UFC lightweight standout, James Krause, Bellator light-heavyweight attraction, Linton Vassell and George Lockhart and Iain Kidd with the 16th installment of the Weight List.

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Welcome to your weekly dose of Three Amigos Podcast fun. This episode is loaded with great content, courtesy of our special guests, UFC lightweight standout, James Krause and Bellator light-heavyweight attraction, Linton Vassell. We've also got the 16th installment of the Weight List with George Lockhart and our own Iain Kidd.

Here is a summary of each interview segment, complete with the time stamps for when each interview or special segment begins. As always, we hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoyed recording it.

This week's installment of the Weight List (segment starts at the 23:15 mark of the audio) focuses on:

-Diet for bulking vs diet for ensuring functional muscle growth
-Foods that promote strong bones and promote bone density
-Food for aesthetics (hair, skin, nails)

If you have a question you'd like to submit to The Weight List Mailbag, please e-mail or shoot him a tweet @iainkidd. You can also drop your question off on our Facebook fan page:

UFC lightweight standout, James Krause (interview starts at the 55:20 mark of the audio) joined the Amigos to discuss:

-His take on issues with reffing and scoring
-How he avoids peaking too early and over-training
-Working with Zak Cummings
-His time spent at Factory Xmt
-How he's made adjustments for the IV re-hydration ban (this is 1st fight under new rules)
-Thoughts on Campbell's standup
-His take on the drug test failures that have been plaguing the UFC
-What he thinks of the "tainted supplement" explanations
-Why he hasn't fought since July of last year
-Ideal fight schedule
-The top motivating factor that keeps him "hungry"
-His take on Ronda Rousey's suicide comments
-Walking Dead discussion
-Other shows he currently watches
-Presidential candidate discussion
-The changes he would like to see for the global betterment of the human race

*Check out James sparring here in preparation for his bout with Shane Campbell Sunday night*

Bellator light-heavyweight attraction, Linton Vassell (interview starts at the 1:17:40 mark of the audio)took over the guest chair to discuss:

-The changes he's made in training in hopes of capturing a victory in Newton rematch
-If he feels he'll be facing the best version of Newton tomorrow night
-His thoughts on Newton's comments that he lost to Davis because he had a wild sex romp shortly before their fight
-His take on spiritual awareness and religious beliefs in regards to career advancement
-If he's interested in fighting under the RIZIN banner
-His thoughts on PEDs and drug test failures from athletes sport-wide
-If he subscribes to the "tainted supplement" argument
-His thoughts on UFC free agents coming over to Bellator
-Discussion on the evolution of MMA as a whole
-Kevin Randleman's passing
-The mark he wants to leave on the sport
-Changes he would like to see happen in MMA

The latest installment of the Master Debater series (segment starts at the 43:40 mark of the audio) features a slightly different format and a fun topic:

-If freak show events should be a part of MMA

*This particular contest ended in a draw, so we encourage our listeners to check out the segment and vote in the attached poll or leave us a comment of who they thought won the debate*

The hosts discussed a veritable cornucopia of topics that included:

-The unfortunate passing of Kevin Randleman and their favorite memories of him
-Ronda Rousey's suicide remarks
-Aljamain Sterling and Alistair Overeem re-signing with the UFC
-Rampage working out differences and ending up back with Bellator
-Accusations against BJ Penn
-Vitor Belfort's acceptance to Stanford University
-Dada 5000's pad-work
-Genral Bellator discussion
-General UFC Fight Night 83 discussion
-Fight prediction standings (Stephie running the pack again)
-Bellator predictions
-UFC Fight Night 83 predictions
-Mookie's inability to get home when the streetlights come on

You can check out the show here or via the embedded player below. Remember, if you're looking for us on SoundCloud or iTunes, we're under the MMA Nation name. Follow our Twitter accounts: Stephie HaynesThree Amigos PodcastIain Kidd and Mookie Alexander or our Facebook fan page, Three Amigos Podcast.