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UFC Fight Night: Cowboy vs Oliveira - Idiot's Guide Preview to Chris Camozzi vs Joe Riggs

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A couple of proverbial war horses try to liven the crowd in Pittsburgh for UFN 83 as Chris Camozzi takes a break from Jacare to fight Joe Riggs.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Camozzi and Riggs try to keep one foot out of the employment grave this February 21, 2016 at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Match Up

Middleweight Chris Camozzi 22-10 vs. Joe Riggs 41-16-1 NC

The Odds

Middleweight Chris Camozzi -265 vs. Joe Riggs +225

3 Things You Should Know

1. When Camozzi isn't fighting Ronaldo Souza, he's actually a decent fighter with serviceable future.

Camozzi is that draft pick in the fifth round who ends up finding his way onto the pro team, and before you know it he's just a steady contributor. Nothing more, nothing less.

He's been a UFC fighter since 2010, not counting his brief foray outside after getting the token pink slip after losing four in a row. He seems to be making the most of his return. It helps that the UFC isn't asking him for a rubber match against Jacare. Because Riggs is definitely not that.

2. Riggs is the most dangerous battle fodder there is. But only because his body often fails him.

If Camozzi is the late draft pick turned contributor, then Riggs is the 7th overall who has fallen short of expectations due to injuries, and adjustment to the pro game.

Riggs kind of fought his way back into the UFC by accident. He put together a nice winning streak, but nothing extraordinary. This is the perfect fight for him because he gets to reclaim his gatekeeper gold.

3. Expect the diligently expected.

Camozzi versus Riggs is basically a main card fight that tumbled out of the TARDIS on its way to Will Smith's 4th album. Riggs had a pretty Riggs fight at UFC 191, winning a bout via illegal upkick.

Riggs is still the same fighter he's always been. He's strong from top control, and on the feet, he puts together compact technical combinations. Riggs' flaws rest entirely on the frequent absurdity walls he runs face, back, knee, and neck first into.

Well, not really. He's limited on the feet in terms of range, and on the ground, he can be submitted (it's been a decade since that happened, however). Camozzi is a skateboard version of Riggs. His style is similar in the way he's rigidly versatile, but his mechanics are much looser. He's 3-1 in his last four with the only recent blemish coming against Ronaldo Souza. Camozzi is good at stringing offense together without breaking character; the clichéd blue collar type whose toughness determines his modest success, but hinders him in defeat.

I favor Camozzi because I think he's better defensively than he's given credit for. Riggs will get opportunities but I'm not confident he gets enough of them to take advantage of his power.


I like Camozzi's ability to chain strikes on yeoman fashion. He's not a small fighter, so despite Riggs general power, won't be bullied into top control. Riggs is not a slugger by nature and never has been. Close fight all around, but it's hard to trust Riggs' health. Chris Camozzi by Decision.