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Jose Aldo: 'Conor McGregor will have no belts by the end of the year'

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Jose Aldo claims Conor McGregor has no chance against Rafael dos Anjos in their superfight at UFC 196. Plus, he thinks he will regain the featherweight title before the year is over.

Jose Aldo
Jose Aldo
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Aldo is not impressed by Conor McGregor's antics and doesn't believe he is serious when he says he will move up to welterweight to challenge current champion Robbie Lawler. In fact, as Aldo sees it, Rafael dos Anjos won't allow McGregor to even see lightweight gold and as he told Combate, "The Notorious" will finish the year with no belts at all.

"Making three belts come true is hard. Of course he wants to. But I will tell you this. I think he will have no belts by the end of the year and they will forget him. To this day, nobody has ever conquered three different belts, so that's his goal. I don't see Rafael dos Anjos losing to him. A fight is a fight and you should always respect your opponent, but that's how I see it.  By the end of the year, I will have the belt back, too. That's a fact."

Still withou  a fight since his 13-second KO loss to Conor McGregor last December, Aldo will only accept a title fight or a rematch with "The Notorious" as his next bout. McGregor, however, takes on Rafael dos Anjos in a superfight at UFC 196, on March 5, in Las Vegas.