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Kimbo Slice wants to 'break something' on Dada 5000: I'm gonna 'end this guy's career'

Kimbo Slice feels, a simple win is not enough in the grudge match against his former crew member Dada 5000 at Bellator 149.

It is no secret that fellow street brawlers Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson and "Dada 5000" Dhafir Harris share lots of bad blood going into their fight at Bellator 149 this Friday. Things are so heated, that UFC veteran Slice even feels, it won't be enough to simply defeat his former crew member, he plans to intentionally hurt the 38-year old heavyweight and end his career.

"With this clown here, it's personal," Slice told MMA Fighting at the open workouts. "I'm not just gonna beat him, I'm gonna try to hurt him. I'm gonna try to exploit my ability, break his jaw, break his ribs, I'm gonna try to break something. If I get his ankle, I'm breaking it.

"You know, I got a few seconds for the ref to go in there. So I'm gonna go as fast as I could, strong as I can to end this guys career."

Slice and Harris came up in the same neighborhood in Miami. When the former YouTube brawler made his transition to MMA fighting and grew his popularity in the the now defunct EliteXC promotion, he hired Harris as a bodyguard. Years later there is no love lost between the two former crew members. Harris has certainly never shied away from firing verbal shots in his former mentor's direction.

"Fight's like three days up," Slice said. "I'm gonna smash him up, break his jaw, just shut him up entirely from talking. He talks too much, he's ugly, I hate the shit that he's saying."

Both street fighters will meet this Friday at Bellator 149 in Houston's Toyota Center, a card that is headlined by a legend's match between Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock.