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Melvin Guillard on Patricky Pitbull: 'I wanna fight that motherf---er in April'

Veteran lightweight Melvin Guillard talks to ahead of his bout with Derek Campos at Bellator 149, and doesn't mince words when it comes to what he wants to accomplish.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

After losing in his Bellator debut to Brandon Girtz, Melvin Guillard vows to come back stronger now that he's fully healthy and ready to change the perceptions some people have about him. We spoke to him recently about his Bellator run so far and what he's aiming for in the future.

Victor Rodriguez: In your first bout against Brandon Girtz, you had suffered a pretty bad injury to your hand. I just wanted to know how soon you started training after that and if there were any long-term consequences, or if that's already been taken care of?

Melvin Guillard: It was a while man, because I had three pins in my hand, I completely snapped my wrist in two at the end of the first round, and i fought two more rounds with a broken wrist. It was pretty bad. I had scar tissue, so I was out for about four months, you know? I just started using my hand - I had the pins taken out in November? And I didn't start using my hand again until the end of December.

VR: And so you weren't able to use your hand until fairly recently, then?

MG: Um, I was able to use it before, but it was a little stiff, but I started using full time right around New Year's.

VR: So, in terms of your opponent Derek Campos, he's been around in Bellator and been a bit of a mainstay. He's faced some opposition, maybe not on the level of the opposition you've faced. What is it that you expect from him, more or less, in this bout?

MG: You know what, bro? Everybody's aggressive, everybody's a fighter, you know? But for him to step up and take the fight, I really respect him because it's not easy to face a guy like me - it's not easy to fight a guy like me. And, whether people want to admit it or not, not everybody's lining up at the door to fight me, you know what I'm saying? For him to take the fight after Mike (Bronzoulis) kinda bitched out, and pulled out, I respect the guy, man. He has my respect, but in the ring when that cage locks, there's no more respect, you know what I'm saying? I'm gonna respect him after, but I'm very disrespectful, I'm very grimy. I'm here to fight. I'm not here to play with guys. So, I respect him for that. I think he's a tough opponent, he's a very aggressive - he likes to come forward, and if anybody knows guys that come forward like that, I'm known for knocking them out.

VR: In terms of his skillset, is there anything in particular that sticks out to you? Any tendencies, perhaps?

MG: Not really, man, you know? He's just a typical... he's just a typical fighter, you know? Nothing special about him stands out. He's just an average fighter, know what I mean? But if I take him lightly, he can beat me.

VR: Speaking about your career broadly, and not to look past this fight, do you have any objectives, any goal you want to cap off 2016 with?

MG: I'm definitely gonna fight Patricky Pitbull in April. He's talked himself into this ass-whupping. I wanna get five fights in this year, you know? I want Patricky Pitbull next, then I wanna fight Mike Bronzoulis because he pulled out. I wanna make sure he fights me before he can come back to work. I'm hoping I can get one of those tournaments going on, hopefully around July or something. I wanna be able to fight in one of those tournaments like King Mo did. I wanna do whatever Bellator has for me and I'll fight anybody as long as i get to fight five fights.

VR: Would you prefer that they be 8-man tournaments? Any preference?

MG: 8-man! 8-man tournament, man. An 8-man tournament sounds good to me, man. I'm cool for that, you know? Get to go in there and win myself a big grand prize and you know, get to travel overseas, I mean, I'm up for something like that. So, wherever Bellator wants me to go, I'm going. I'm not saying no to not one fight. I'm healthy, my hand is healthy, my mind is right. I wanna get back to being that fuckin' badass that people tend to have forgotten about. I'm ready to raise some eyebrows, you know what I'm saying?

VR: You mentioned some interesting things notable names you want to fight this year, any other names that you might be gunning for?

MG: Not really, man. You know, I've already said Patricky Pitbull, Mike Bronzoulis... I wanna fight Brandon Girtz again because that fight, I felt like i got injured. You know, I felt he won that fight because I got injured, so that's definitely a fight I want to get, you know? And I heard he hurt himself, so I hope - I pray that he gets a speedy recovery. I'm not gonna say he became a friend of mine, but he does train with Justin Gaethje and my ex-team, you know? Coach Trevor Wittman and them guys, you know what I'm saying? Those guys are like family to me, they always was like family to me even before I trained with them. You know, i'm not friends with Girtz, but I definitely want to get another piece of him. So, he's hurt right now, so hopefully by the end of the year he could be that fight that I could close my year with. But in the meantime, I wanna be able to fight for the title soon. So, Michael Chandler, I wanna fight whoever they put in front of me, bro. I'm not saying no to a fight because I've never said no to a fight. Patricky Pitbull tend to think that I'm turning away a fight with him, I'm like "Nah, I'm not!" I never said no to a fight, I wanna fight that motherfucker in April, though. I'm not gonna fight a guy like that in two weeks. I'm not stupid.

VR: You've actually segued into what my next question is, because the right now champion in your division, the lightweight division is a tremendous talent, Will Brooks. Given that he fights out of ATT (American Top Team) and you also fight out of ATT, do you have any objections, do you think that would be a problem, you facing him?

MG: Nah, man. He's my teammate, bro. I'm not gonna fight my teammate. I know he's not happy with Bellator, everybody knows that. At the end of the day, I'm not gonna fight him, pretty much. He vacates the belt, then I'll be there to step in to fight for the 155 belt. That'll be the only way. But I want to fight for the 170lb belt, too.

VR: I see. So your decision to move to welterweight, is that something you plan to do regardless, or only if you reach the point where you're fighting for the title at lightweight and you would rather not have to fight your teammate.

MG: Nah, man. I'm not gonna fight my teammate, man. There's too many good fighters out there to worry about fighting my teammates. What people don't understand is that I've been fighting at welterweight long before I was fighting at 55. So for me, you know, I got enough guys out there to fight, I don't need to be fighting teammates. It doesn't make any sense.

VR: You've had a very long and accomplished career as well. You've been fighting - and please correct me if I'm wrong - since about the age of 16 or so, is that correct?

MG: Yes.

VR: Well, given the longevity that you've had, any idea how much longer you want to do this or is this something you're taking day by day?

MG: I want to do this for as long as the good lord allows me to do it.

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